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     Welcome to Harvests Of The World

Our mission is to provide exotic and extravagant goods that will educate our customers about these products that come from Mother Earth.

Our vision is to provide an educational global campaign; more green/eco friendly.

This whole journey begins in April/2004 when it started with the name Java Island Coffee from the island of Java and Sumatra in Indonesia. This business was successful it had a great product in the firsts months our investment was already made back. We had around 11 supermarkets and supplied offices and other business with our coffee program. There for, this segment of our journey had to be cut short of the passing away of the main owner and partner, which his parents would not agree upon selling his shares. There for, Bernardo J Diaz, comes with the idea of why not having the same experience as Starbucks, why not have coffees from around the world but the best ones already as an end product. Not like Starbucks that has worldwide roasted coffee but is the same coffee roasted for the American taste. In November/2004 the launch of Tastes of the World begins and still till now is a hit. Bernardo, dissolves himself from being part of Tastes of the World and begins doing research and other things to develop his own company which today is known as Harvests of the World, this journey starts in the summer of 2009 and now as active and running since September 2009. The difference from Tastes of the World and Harvests of the World is that Mr. Diaz is going to bring better and more products like coffee, tea, chocolate, juice, wine and other items. There for, Bernardo wants to educate the public in keep things green, better health, helping others like foundations and always giving that great customer service which is the back bone to all companies.

In conclusion, Harvests of the World is not only an internet store, if a customer wants to make a coffee store or owns a coffee store we can provide them the products and machines. Among this we provide service to hotels, airlines, cruise lines, restaurants, limo services, gyms ,spa’s, beauty salons, exotic car dealerships and other businesses.

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 Kopi Luwak


 Kona Classic




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